The Arma Corporation became a subsidiary of the American Bosch Corporation in 1948 and was merged to form the American Bosch Arma Corporation in 1954. During this period Arma, now a division of the American Bosch Corporation moved into its new facility at Roosevelt Field, Long Island, where it had been previously situated in a number of aircraft hangers. By 1954 all operations were moved from Bush Terminal.

Awarded a contract to develop a fire control system to defend the Air Force B-52 intercontinental jet bomber, Arma by 1955 designed, developed, flight-tested and manufactured the A3A Defensive Fire Control System (DFCS) and its refinement, the MD9 DFCS. For evaluation purposes, three pre-production systems designated as XA3A were installed in two B-47's and one B-29 bomber. Arma organized, ground and flight programs, proved that the MD9 system not only exceeded the original specification but established a new standard of performance for modern bomber defensive systems. The MD9 Fire Control System searches the defensive zone, acquires and tracks enemy airborne targets and destroys them with accuracy. Incorporation of a closed loop television system, permitting relocation of the gunner's position forward, and further refinements were combined to produce the AN/ASG-15 Fire Control System.

Simultaneous design and building of Ground Support Equipment to test the integrated system and/or its individual components was completed to maintain the system at optimal capability.

During this period of missile guidance and manufacture, Arma continued to fulfill its other commitments. Such a commitment of prime importance was the production of the B-52 Fire Control System. The Air Force had long recognized the need for advanced methods of evaluating the efficiency of this complex equipment and of the personnel who operated it. Test by observations involving measurement of electrical characteristics of the equipment and checkout of the operator by written or memorizer procedures witnessed by an instructor was no longer adequate.

Realizing the importance of constant readiness of all components in any system and of the operators of these systems, Arma engineers expanded testing principles in the design and manufacture of system (FEA) and Operator (FEO) Evaluators, Types AN/APH-2 and AN/AWQ-2.